supplied words, boundless tears

but could it be,

wondered small i

—standing lonely under

the glowing succulent moonlight

that the ripe fruitful sun

and the shy white moon

are soulmates

still waiting

to find each other?

trapped as they are

in cycles

a galaxy’s old pragmatism

pulling strings til they waste away

but they run their courses, they

carry out their dance

so elegantly

no one’s ever bothered to ask them

if they regret anything.

every thought I think of you,

sprinkled with stardust and old remembered lust,

is crystalline;

it comes

and goes


in waves, but as

a collective sunshine;

and as the gray sails calmly overhead

my cloudy days begin again

and the twinkling crystals fall fast away.

“and how dare you insinuate,

I’ve never done a thing but alleviate…!

and after all the kisses and caresses,

like damned bad drugs, and the stale smell of you like alcohol;

the minute minutes

uncountable, uncontrollable

skeletal silhouettes on a blank screen

of the 2pm sky…

I still love you,

and that’s all I can say.”

enchanting as the stars,

pirouetting in their sweet summer starlight.

elysian as

your eyes

pure green celestial thunderstorm

on this June clear-as-day night.

memories taste like caramel,

they stick on my teeth and smooth themselves over,

candied brown turning almost nebulaeic,

mellifluous on my tongue;

they are drifting in and out,

as I am drifting

in and out

of ways to do this all over again.


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